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I don’t think I will ever order from here again though. It helps me with my anxiety and sleeplessness. Gummies were backordered but they emailed a 20 % discount code for the inconvenience. Only thing for me personally is I notice some acid reflux unless I eat something with it.

Pure Kana

One of the big benefits of PureKana is their variety. They have CBD products not only for humans but also for pets. PureKana offers free shipping to all 50 states which is a nice perk other brands often do not provide. Below you will find an overview of the products offered by PureKana.

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I wouldn’t change this CBD oil for anything. Had a very horrible experience with Purekana. I ordered the gummies which says 20 servings clearly on their website and when I received the bottle it says 10 servings on the nutritional facts. I literally dropped 10 drops under my tongue for over a minute each and still nothing. They clearly state on their site about their shipping times so I knew what to expect. Tracking started to update within a day after that. I have read about their recent shipping issues relating to a sale they had on 4/20.

  • PureKana carries CBD oils, capsules, gummies, toothpicks, topicals, vape pens, honey sticks, bath bombs, and more.
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CBD brand PureKana, one of the global leaders in hemp-based CBD products, has announced the release of its long-awaited line of AM/PM CBD Capsules. The capsules contain proprietary natural sleep and energy blends, and are designed to help improve sleep patterns and offer mid-day energy boosts and enhanced alertness. When you’re looking for fast-acting CBD relief, you can’t go wrong with a CBD vape pen. These pens are pure, potent, and deliver CBD relief faster than any other type of product on the market.

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It is most definitely not the 5000mg as they do not make this product flavored and, when I took the product, it did not have the effect it typically does. Horrible quality control and makes me concerned about what product I actually received. This is my 6th order and will not be ordering again. Next step will be reporting to BBB, and other regulatory government agencies.